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DTL is the home of ParallelChain™, the fastest blockchain platform in the world.
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Hybrid Distributed Ledger

Public blockchains like the ones that power Bitcoin and Ethereum introduced a radical innovation: they removed the need for a single source of truth to validate timestamped data.

But this involved tremendous costs in processing power, energy, and time. Even when high performance is not needed, data security always is, and the most secured public ledger still require companies to openly share metadata, which can be analysed to expose trade secrets. In addition, their claim of immutability is questionable because a forked chain can be deleted without notice.

Consortium blockchain improve on the security by allowing only members of a consortium to see read data, but they do so without differentiating if they are partners or competitors among themselves, increasing the risk of data leakage, whilst on the other hand limiting scalability. Furthermore, there exists no way of proving the immutability of data.


is the world’s first and only

hybrid distributed

ledger, a blockchain system that combines the key characteristic of private, and public blockchains: security, and scalability, while allowing parties to verify the integrity of persisted data without exposing the data itself.

Type of Blockchain
Transaction Per Second
3+ TPS
12+ TPS
3,500+ TPS
10,000+ TPS
100,000+ TPS
Number of Endorser
Limited to 16 Endorser
Transaction Confirmation
(10-60) * 5 Minutes
(1-20) * 5 Minutes
0.1 Second
3-5 Seconds
0.01 Second
Europe GDPR Privacy Ordinance Compliance
User Registration: Secured and Trusted Access
Identity Fusion
1 Note: Bitcoin and Ethereum requires (N + 5) transactions in order to confirm the Nth transaction.
Unleashing blockchain for business

Bringing blockchain to bear on the

world's hardest challenges

Held back by critical technological limitations, blockchain has failed to deliver on its commercial promise.

Our vision is to fulfil that promise.

DTL's ParallelVerse is the only blockchain ecosystem built from the ground up to enable solutions



Challenge #1: Insider threats

Outside-facing protections do not work when cyber-threats come from within an organization.

ParallelChain™ and PreventiveChain solves this.

3D Face ID biometrics with anti-spoofing tracks users in real time, while AI warns administrators if it suspects malicious activity. Captured data is persisted in ParallelChain™.

Slow trading
Challenge #2: Slow stock settlement

To meet acceptable security standards, stock trades have to go through a long settlement process.

ChattelChain and ParallelChain™ solves this.

High throughput on the ParallelChain™ Protocol and smart contracts on ChattelChain brings instant settlement trading compliant with international security standards.

Disagreement in process management
Challenge #3: Guaranteeing accountability in process management

Parties working on a single project disagree about who is responsible for the successful completion of tasks, or failure to meet requirements.

ApprovalChain and ParallelChain™ solves this.

Each activity in a process is immutably documented in ParallelChain™, while the ApprovalChain app ensures that tasks are signed off as completed per requirement only when agreement is reached.

Home access
Challenge #4: Protecting data during Work From Home

Productive 'Work From Home' invariably necessitates moving sensitive company data out of the office, increasing the risk of data leaks.

PreventiveChain, ConstructionChain, and ParallelChain™ solves this.

ConstructionChain verifies that the employee is really at home (even in WiFi-less environments), while PreventiveChain authenticates the current user of the computer and blocks data extraction and screen capture. Captured data is immutably persisted in ParallelChain™.

Sensitive medical info
Challenge #5: Medical data privacy during the pandemic

Measures against the spread of COVID-19 has relied on large-scale data collection and sharing, potentially putting the privacy of individuals at risk.

PreventiveChain, ConstructionChain, and ParallelChain™ solves this.

PreventiveChain's insider monitoring capability can be adapted to monitor the body temperatures and other health-related conditions of people in public spaces, while smart contracts in ParallelChain ensures removal of unlawful, expired, and inaccurate records. ConstructionChain enables unimpeded data capture in WiFi-less environments.

Persisting data
Challenge #6: Data are lost due to accidents or malicious activity

Investigation and judicially-critical data generated by aircraft, cars, and other vehicles becomes irretrievable when they are physically lost, damaged, or tampered with.

ParallelChain™ solves this.

High throughput on the ParallelChain™ protocol, alongside emerging high speed network technologies, allows a large volume of vulnerable data to be immutably persisted in close to real-time.

And we've barely even scratched the surface.

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Dr. Radia Perlman
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US Academy of Engineering 2015,
Internet Hall of Fame 2014
PhD, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
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“When you’re designing a system you should first start with understanding what problem you’re solving. So rather than trying to say “How can I use this technology?” and finding a problem for it, or just assuming that the solution is a particular technology, first you have to start with the actual problem and really understand what property it needs, compare a bunch of different types of solutions, and that will get you to a much better solution.”


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Digital Transaction Limited (DTL) was founded in 2018 by veteran technologists, academics, and innovators recognized in the computer network, database systems, and computer design disciplines from MIT, Edinburgh, Imperial College, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve, Dartmouth, and other top institutions with the aim of providing all industries with tailor-made blockchain solutions that increase business profitability while ensuring efficient and secure operations.

The DTL team is a diverse group of innovators with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, yet we all share a common vision -- to make blockchain more accessible to the world.

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