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Bringing blockchain to every company to unlock new business opportunities and fuel enterprise digital growth
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Our Ecosystem

ParallelVerse - the only blockchain universe of products and applications that you will ever need.
ParallelVerse is the ecosystem to drive business transformation by bringing the blockchain capabilities needed to power a fully connected and intelligent society.
How ParallelVerse benefits businesses:
Future-Proof your business: ParallelVerse is flexible and agile, it is a live ecosystem.
Agility: quick deployment of new applications.
Breakthrough technology: speed, real-time, scalability, no data leakage, and GDPR compliance not seen anywhere else.
The future is now: operational today, with existing customers.
Trust: backed by 6 US Patents pending; 10 more in the pipeline.
Flexibility: seamless integration of:
1. Digital Transaction Products and Applications.
2. Partner Applications.
3. Bespoke Custom Applications.
4. Porting any Ethereum or Hyperledger Applications that will run faster than in their native form.

Technological Prowess

ParallelChain™, the heart of the ParallelVerse ecosystem.
Fully scalable, with no impact on speed.
Real time updates.
Speeds of up to 100,000 transactions per second.
Provable immutability
Full compliance with the European GDPR privacy ordinance.
ParallelChain™ is

ranked #1

blockchain fabric in the world in terms of performance and usability by global technology management consultancy Arthur D. Little.
Technological prowess - ParallelChain

What industry experts are saying

Dr. Radia Perlman
Mother of the Internet,
US National Inventor Hall of Fame 2016,
US Academy of Engineering 2015,
internet Hall of Fame 2014,
PhD, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
“When you’re designing a system you should first start with understanding what problem you’re solving. So rather than trying to say “How can I use this technology?” and finding a problem for it, or just assuming that the solution is a particular technology, first you have to start with the actual problem and really understand what property it needs, compare a bunch of different types of solutions, and that will get you to a much better solution.”
Mr. Charlie Kaufman
Former Chief Network Security Architect,
Microsoft Azure and IBM Lotus Notes / Domino
MS, Dartmouth College
“I mean one of the things to increase trust and safety is to have one organisation make the decisions and other organisations be able to watch them and see, and report them if they’re doing the wrong thing. You know, perhaps in retrospect you want to be able to have auditors that will be able to do things.”
Dr. Fabian Doemer
Managing Partner for Central Europe,
Arthur D. Little
PhD, University of Stuttgart
“At Arthur D. Little we consider the currently launched platforms as Blockchain 2.0. It is a new generation of “hybrid Blockchain” that addresses the needs of the business world. Blockchain solutions focused on business are solving many initial issues for businesses regarding privacy, scalability, and transaction costs. In the smart economy – for example in the identification of autonomous vehicles – real-time processing will be key.”
Dr. Steven Dekrey
Adjunct Professor and Former Associate Dean, School of Business
Founding Director of EMBA Programme,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
PhD, University of Iowa
“Business leaders cannot always be that technologically fluent. And it behoves them to stay current because we know many businesses who’ve lost out because they weren’t up to date and the latest technology …. it’s the leader’s job to predict the future, has to be cognisant of where the technology is going.”

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