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Possible Consequence of Data Breaches

Loss of clients

Exposure of customers information

Fines and penalties

Tarnished reputation

Decreased revenue


Revelation of Trade Secrets

How ParallelChain™ can help

Cutting-edge Technology

AI and Biometric

No Downtime

Open Systems

and Interoperability

Immutable Data

User Behaviour Monitoring

No Data Leakage

Functions of PreventiveChain

Multi-factor User Authentication

Prevents unauthorized access

 Facial Recognition

Instant and precise user identification

Security Watermarks

Deters screen capture

Restrict external & network drives

Prevents usage of USB, Bluetooth, Cloud Storage and other drives

Restricted Access Right

Only authorized parties allowed

Real-Time Tracking of User Behavior

User AI technology-automatically logout when it detects suspicious activity

User Control

Browser control, copy / paste functions control

Recording of All User Activities

All data stored on blockchain, no evidence-tampering

All records are protected by ParallelChain™