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Ground breaking cybersecurity for insider monitoring.

PreventiveChain is a unique preventive security management system built upon our high performing ParallelChain™ platform. This biometric system incorporates cameras to enable businesses to monitor insider user behaviors and prevent improper use and leaking of sensitive and valuable data.
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How PreventiveChain helps

AI and Biometric authentication
Open system
Open system and Interoperability
User behaviour monitoring
User behaviour monitoring
No downtime
No downtime
Immutable data
Immutable data
No data leakage
No data leakage


Multi factor
Multi-factor User Authentication

Prevents unauthorized access.

Facial recognition
Facial Recognition with 2D/3D anti-spoofing.

Instant and precise user identification.

Security watermarks
Security watermarks

Deters screen capture.

Restricted drives
Restricted external & network drives

Prevents usage of USB, Bluetooth, Cloud Storage, and other devices.

Restricted access rights
Restricted Access Rights

Only authorized parties allowed.

Real-time tracking
Real-time tracking of user behaviour

User AI technology-automatically logsout when it detects suspicious activity.

User control
User control

Browser, copy/paste control.

User activities recording
Recording of all user activities

All data stored on blockchain, no evidence-tampering.

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