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Pain-points In Data Security


Most data breach incidents are caused by insider threats, sources include rogue employees, contractors and partners. 

These incidents cause serious damages for organizations, such as:

  • Legal entanglements 

  • Fines and penalties

  • Tarnished reputation

  • Loss of clients

  • Decreased revenue


Damages are irreversible despite punishing the culprit.

How ParallelChain™ can help

Cutting-edge Technology

AI and Biometric

No Downtime

Open Systems

and Interoperability

Immutable Data

User Behaviour Monitoring

No Data Leakage

Functions of PreventiveChain

Multi-factor User Authentication

User ID & password, one-time password via phone, biometric methods (e.g. fingerprints, facial recognition).

Anti-Spoof Facial Recognition

A cutting-edge technology able to distinguish live person face and fake face (e.g. mask, image, video).

User Access Control

Readability of information is limited and granted based on account types.

Tracking and Analytics

Users’ browsing history, access location, login sessions are recorded. User behaviors can be analysed and tracked.

Security Watermarks

All computer screens are watermarked with user ID, user face photo, machine name, IP address with time-stamping to deter malicious screen capturing/photographing activities.

Session Control

Session duration is managed using facial recognition, users are authenticated every 5 seconds. System will logout automatically if it detects the user is not in front of the computer.

Data Storage Control 
Usage of network and external drives (e.g. cloud services, Bluetooth, USB) is strictly controlled to protect sensitive data.

Remote Desktop Control
Administrative functions (i.e. monitor and control) can be accessed from a remote location.

All records are protected by ParallelChain™