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    Staff Full Stack Software Engineer

    Prior experience or knowledge of blockchain systems are not required to apply for engineer positions. Knowledge and experience can be gained quickly during work. We look for candidate software engineers that can analyse, find and implement effective solutions to constrained problems.

    This position is based in Cyberport, Hong Kong.


    - Design and develop blockchain applications including the interface, core functions, client-side and front-to-back systems

    - Understand the client's requirements and generate technical solutions

    - Perform function enhancement, system deployment and testing

    - Research in advanced technologies such as public and permissioned blockchains

    - Work alongside a cross-functional team including engineering, product and business


    - Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields

    - Experience in building applications using at least one of JavaScript, Python, PHP, Go, Java, Swift, Kotlin, C/C++ or similar languages

    - Practical experience in application deployment and problem diagnosis

    - Have a strong sense of responsibility and an eagerness to learn

    - Have good interpersonal and communication skills

    - Good understanding of distributed system technologies is a plus


    - Competitive compensation package with stock options; generous packages are available for top talent

    - Opportunities to learn from and work with world-class scientist and engineers

    - Multicultural working environment

    How to Apply: Please send your CV/resume and a scanned copy of your undergraduate or latest transcript to

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