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    Chief of Staff

    Primarily, the Chief of Staff acts as the CEO's right hand. He/she will work closely with the CEO and build strong relationships with team members across the organization in order to influence outcomes and maintain momentum. The Chief of Staff must have a bird's-eye view across teams and departments, in order to connect the dots in ways that others can't. It is essential that he/she performs the job duties in an efficient, professional and impartial manner at all times.

    The ideal candidates must possess:

    • Ability to get things done: Results-driven and meet adversity with tenacity. Master organizers and project planners who consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise.

    • Strategic mindset: Natural problem solvers who are analytical and structured in their thinking. They create order out of chaos by identifying systems and processes in need of adjustment. They deeply understand business operations and can synthesize information to recommend a plan of action.

    • Detail-oriented: Strong sense of responsibility coupled with meticulous accuracy, able to pay careful attention to every detail.

    • Emotional intelligence: Both highly self-aware and perceptive toward the CEO and other key relationships. They should serve as connectors who are aware of every key project and can connect the dots across the company. Positive, empathetic, flexible, and curious. Most importantly, well-respected by their colleagues.

    • Loyal and selfless: Able to obtain trust from the staff. Confident enough to be candid when needed, while also humble enough to work behind the scenes.

    Objectives of this Role – Provide direct support for the CEO

    • Setting a leader’s strategic priorities: Helping a leader identify the areas where they must direct their focus and identifying metrics for success. Revisiting regularly and evaluating progress.

    • Strategically managing a leader’s time: working with assistant, looking at long term travel calendar, evaluating opportunities and determining fit with priorities.

    • Meeting preparation and follow up: reviewing upcoming meetings for the week to ensure the leader has all of the information needed to be as productive as possible and sending out agendas or documents to meeting attendees as necessary.

    • Reviewing Internal and External Communications: drafting company newsletters, reports, pitch decks, speeches or presentations for the CEO.

    • Monitoring information flow: Sometimes acting as a gatekeeper, ensuring a CEO’s involvement in a project or decision-making process at the right moment.

    Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

    • Serve as liaison between staff, executives, senior leaders, and the CEO, regarding company climate, employee well-being, project updates, proposals, and planning

    • Assist the human resources department with new hires, including documentation and onboarding, and collaborate to address and resolve all employee concerns

    • Oversee daily operations through collaboration with senior management and department leaders, performing an array of administrative tasks from managing calendars, generating correspondence, maintaining hard copy and electronic files, planning and coordinating annual corporate meetings, and scheduling facilities

    • Build and develop relationships with all employees for increased efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing operations, and help to define new operational strategies, working with CEO and executives on special projects

    • Serve as a subject matter expert, handling inquiries and developing action plans to address them, and assisting with the preparation and dissemination of communications

    Skills and Qualifications

    • Experience in a result-driven task oriented but intellectual environment

    • Master’s degree in Business Administration or Engineering / Computer Science or similar field

    • 7+ years in a business or executive management role

    • Proven experience organizing and influencing multiple teams and departments

    • Excellent communicator in written and verbal (Cantonese, Mandarin and English)

    • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity

    • Experience in planning and leading strategic initiatives


    • Start-up: minimum secretarial and clerical supports.

    • Team player and co-operative.

    • Committed, agile and passion.

    • No-smoking in the building.

    • Fast paced, dynamic and make it happen culture.

    • Workday: Monday through Friday, with occasional holiday & weekend ad hoc.

    • Hours: (9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and as necessary due to business needs).

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