Digital Transaction Limited

26 November 2020

Panel Watch: The Future of Blockchain in Enterprise Deployment

Smart contracts, blockchain's role in powering IoT and the pain points of existing enterprise blockchains were among the subjects discussed.

Noëlle Gahan, Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Transaction Limited, spoke at a panel in Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020 on the future of enterprise blockchain and its legal implications. In partnership with Cyberport Hong Kong, the session was joined by Kenneth Choy, Consultant and Head of Technology Transaction Practice at law firm Nixon Peabody CWL.

Check out DTL’s YouTube channel to watch the full panel recording (with time stamps).

Some of the topics that were discussed included:

· Why hasn't blockchain fulfilled its commercial promise of mass adoption in the enterprise space?

· What are the key features businesses need to look for in modern blockchain solutions?

· What is the role of blockchain in the coming era of intelligent connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT)?

· Are lawyers concerned that smart contracts would make their profession obsolete?

· Why is it important for blockchains to comply with GDPR and other privacy ordinances?

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