Digital Transaction Limited

10 November 2020

Digital Transaction and InspireLab to partner in using blockchain for Hong Kong’s elderly healthcare system

Hong Kong, 10 November 2020 - Digital Transaction Limited (DTL) is excited to cooperate with InspireLab, a Hong Kong-based innovative technology solution provider, who is leading the way in streamlining health record management in Hong Kong through blockchain. This new collaboration will see ParallelChain™, DTL’s high-performing blockchain, be tested by InspireLab as part of an initiative aimed at improving the management of health records at healthcare centers, community centers, education and non-government organizations.

Upon the launch of the initiative, numerous organizations will be able to rely on the ParallelChain™ blockchain to safely and efficiently store, manage and share their health records.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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About Digital Transaction Limited

Founded in 2018, Digital Transaction Limited (DTL) is a breakthrough blockchain technology company founded in Hong Kong. DTL is the home of ParallelChain™, the fastest, most scalable and the only GDPR privacy compliant blockchain in the world with provable immutability. With 6 pending US patents, DTL’s unparalleled technology and applications accelerates the ubiquitous adoption of blockchain in the commercial space by solving all the current limitations of widescale enterprise blockchain deployment.

About InspireLab

InspireLab Limited creates innovative software and hardware solutions for multi-disciplinary applications, as well as a new dimension of user experience with good understanding of user pain points and psychology. InspireLab is keen on finding the intersection of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud software and data analytics to make a positive impact to society.