Digital Transaction Limited

01 February 2020

Due diligence report on ParallelChain™ by Arthur D. Little

The world-renowned consulting firm Arthur D. Little ( has released their due diligence report on Digital Transaction Limited and our products. After consulting the experts with relevant industry and domain knowledge, Arthur D. Little assessed and evaluated the ParallelChain™ blockchain by conducting a thorough examination of its technical performance, usability, commercial attractiveness and so on. They also compared ParallelChain™ with other blockchains in multiple criteria under different business scenarios. The comparison is a powerful affirmation of the strengths and superiority of ParallelChain™ because it has been ranked #1 under all scenarios –

  • Construction: Contract Management
  • Trading: Asset Tokenization
  • Energy: Grid Operation and Management
  • Business: Know Your Customers
  • Security: Preventive Access

We are extremely proud to receive such positive report. And we will continue to strive for excellence in providing the best blockchain solutions for industries.

To obtain the report: