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30 December 2020

Digital Transaction and US-based crypto news site Coinpedia form media partnership

This collaboration follows Digital Transaction's recent media partnership agreements with Asia Token Fund and BitCourier.

HONG KONG, 30 December 2020 – Hong Kong enterprise blockchain technology company Digital Transaction Limited has announced a new media partnership with Coinpedia, an independent digital media resource platform covering FinTech and cryptocurrency.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Coinpedia, a non-funded organization, offers its readers a wide range of news on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency assets and latest FinTech trends. Its primary focus is to educate readers with the latest crypto news stories with a compelling narrative, increasing their understanding of the centralized and decentralized webs.

Digital Transaction’s collaboration with Coinpedia comes after its recent media partnership announcements with Asia Token Fund and BitCourier. Singapore-based Asia Token Fund, the media and news arm of the ATF platform, is an online publication that provides market analysis, ratings and insights on the global blockchain and cryptocurrency landscapes. BitCourier is the first UK-focused crypto community and media website; it primarily covers crypto asset regulations and emerging FinTech trends across the UK and the world.

With these new partnerships, Digital Transaction will enjoy increased global exposure for its breakthrough blockchain products and services across the cryptocurrency and FinTech markets worldwide, gravitating ParallelChain™ into a leading blockchain technology favored by enterprises for their digital transformation initiatives.

About Digital Transaction Limited

Founded in 2018, Digital Transaction Limited (DTL) is a Hong Kong breakthrough enterprise blockchain technology company. DTL is the home of ParallelChain™, the fastest, most scalable and the only GDPR privacy compliant blockchain in the world coupled with seamless interoperability with existing blockchains. With 6 US patents pending, an award-winning technical team, strong business execution, and deep market insight, DTL consistently rolls out technical innovation leading the Distributed Ledger Technology movement with unmatched products that will unlock enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives.

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