Ho Leung CHEUNG.png

Mr. Ho Leung CHEUNG


Co-founder and CEO


Cheung Ho Leung (HL), with the support of Foxconn, co-founded NxEra in January  2015. NxEra develops an innovative decentralized online trading platform (FANSELL) providing tools to push, with  precision, appropriate products to the right customers (with needs) at the right time at the right location through effective promotional events. To minimize intrusion, Fansell System only  pushes useful information related to the particular user. There will not be any irrelevant "information overload" common to many e-commerce platforms today. The Fansell System helps businesses increase  their repeat business thereby reducing their dependency on traditional marketing expenditures, generally with a response of 0.3%, to generate new business. Businesses will also be able to maintain their own trading information with the system providing ample  protection to balance the requirement of privacy, security and convenience.


HL  has formed the Technology Merging Services Business Group (TMSBG) in  Foxconn. Foxconn is ranked No. 24(2018) on the Global Fortune 500 List and is the world's largest electronics manufacturing  service (EMS) provider. It is the major contract manufacturer for customers such as Apple, HP, Sony, Dell, and Cisco. TMSBG was formed to provide  services beyond traditional EMS.


Prior  to forming TMSBG, HL was the General Manager of iDPBG in Foxconn from 2002 to  2013 and was responsible for introducing and building up the Apple contract manufacturing business. Apple products  built included iPhone, iPod, iMac and MacBook. Under HL's leadership, iDPBG has also become the world's No.1 manufacturer, in terms of volume, of digital photo frames.


HL  has worked for Apple for 16 years before joining Foxconn in 2002. When he left Apple, he was the Senior Vice  President and General Manager for the Apple Performa Division.


HL  Cheung earned his BS degree in Electrical Engineering with honors at the  University of Birmingham in the UK.