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Dr. Geoffrey YUEN


Vice President, Data Science and Deep Learning

Digital Transaction Ltd.

Dr. Geoffrey Yuen received his BSc in Chemistry from Wheaton College, Illinois and MSc and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio. His dissertation established the role of synaptic receptors in relating ethanol’s acute to chronic effects in the hippocampus. His postdoctoral work was in biologically inspired neural computations and unsupervised learning for object and speech detection, and self-learnt robotic navigation. 


While working at Morningstar Inc. Chicago, he built a prototype to provide retirement cash projection and recommendation from mutual fund history, cashflow needs and risk-return profiling. This quickly gave birth to the first commercial B2B web retirement service in US.  At PCCW Hong Kong, as VP of Emerging Technology he created strategic initiatives (including application and technology prototypes) to bring about significant new business in diverse areas such as fixed-mobile convergence, digital home, e-health and big data analytics. In big data analytics, for example, analysis of internet data solved many problems intractable to service providers in the past.


As VP of Data Science and Deep Learning at Digital Transactions Limited, he is focused on blockchain's applications and opportunities from integration with modern data science and deep learning algorithms. Here his postdoctoral experience to build early unsupervised learning models for US Naval Research becomes extremely valuable.