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Mr. Dah Ming CHIU


Chief Scientist

Digital Transaction Ltd.

Dah Ming Chiu received his  BSc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, and PhD in Applied  Mathematics from Harvard University. He has invented 27 US patents.


From 1980 till 2002, he  worked for several high tech companies in the US: AT&T Bell Labs, Digital  Equipment Corporation, and Sun Microsystem's Research Lab. In 2002, he joined  the Department of Information Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He served as the chairman of his department from 2009 to 2015. He is  currently an Emeritus Professor of the department.


Dah Ming Chiu is well-known  for his pioneering work on network congestion control,  network fairness and the AIMD algorithm that is used in TCP congestion control.  Besides these contributions, his PhD work on distributed databases, and his work on P2P content distribution are also highly cited. He was recognized as an  IEEE Fellow in 2008. He is very proud to have served as the general co-chair of a successful ACM Sigcomm in 2013, held at CUHK in Hong Kong with record attendance. He has also served on the vetting committees for RGC (2013-2016)  and ITC (2015 till present).